The Purpose of Ritual

One of the most common components to pagan and witchcraft practice is the element of ritual. Some choose to celebrate the Wheel of the Year, others the phases of the moon, and still others develop their own personal rituals. Ritual can even be as simple as honoring an altar in the morning or repeating a mantra before falling asleep.  It certainly doesn’t have to be elaborate.  But for the new and adept practitioner alike, the meaning of ritual can be confusing. It’s easy to be thrown into a ritual without a sense of cause or to lose the purpose as […]

How does Magic Work? How Hermeticism brings Transmutable Energy to the Scientific Era.

Upon reconnecting with a classmate from high school, he was shocked to learn that I fashion myself a witch.  How could I, someone with a degree, someone who believes in the empirical, someone of generally practical mind, possibly believe in the hocus pocus of magic?  What had changed between the Marietta he knew when we were teenagers and the Marietta nearing her 30’s that could have led to this?  How exactly did I think magic works? Surprisingly, this is a common question I get from witches and non-witches alike.  Later this month, my circlemate Abby will be talking about how […]

Witchy Words Spring Equinox Altar 2017

 This post will cover my Spring Equinox / Ostara altar for 2017, complete with a full description, photos and a correspondence image. A 24 hour span where day and night are equal in length, the spring equinox is a sabbat of growth, prosperity and new beginnings.   While fertility is often associated with Ostara, it need not be fertility of the body; instead it could represent the fertility of the land or the development of a new career which may generate prosperity in our pockets.  From here, each day after this holiday grows longer, warmer and more fruitful.   Spring […]

Forgiveness does not make you morally superior.

I want to take a moment to offer some advice I gave to a good friend of mine a little over a month ago. It seemed to help him immensely and, if it can help others, I think it’s worth sharing. While present nearly everywhere, I find that the concept of forgiveness as some kind of elevated morality particularly rampant within the pagan and witchcraft community. We become coaxed into believing that forgiveness is the only way to some sort of metaphorical pagan-esque enlightenment, that it will somehow make us better human beings. Forgiveness is seen as this catch-all solution […]