Terrorism and Tea

I never thought, as a child
That I’d spend my 40s
Responding to mass shootings
With making tea and coffee cake
Staring out the window at the mountains
But here we are
Our nation has thoroughly descended into stochastic terrorism
Our government’s leaders are profiting off
Others’ deaths and
Emboldening the worst
In human nature

I’m grateful for tea
For the quiet foothills
For coyote song last night that brought me
Back from the depression
I would have felt in my 20s
Whether right or wrong
I’m grateful for 20 years of meditation
That helps me to breathe in this suffering
And let go of it on the out breath
Because I can’t fix it
And fear is what terrorists want
Anxiety and depression is what terrorists want

I can witness the suffering
And then let go
Focus on the vanilla and bergamot in the tea
The sweetness of the muffin
The hills changing color as the sun rises
Breathe in. Witness. Shed tears.
Breathe out. Let go. Center and align.

Sometimes resistance looks like
Rooting yourself deeper
Until you thoroughly feel
The land beneath you
And the chaotic storm only blows
A few small leaves here and there

A cup of London Fog and a coffee cake muffin. The morning is quiet, in contrast to the increasing chaos of my country.

A cup of London Fog and a coffee cake muffin. The morning is quiet, in contrast to the increasing chaos of my country.


About the Author

I'm Kimberly Kirner, a Druid (in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids). My spirituality is focused first on serving the nature spirits of this lovely being we call Earth. I'm a professor of cultural anthropology by profession, specializing in environmental and medical anthropology. I started this blog to collect my thoughts and experiences that arise from my spiritual and creative (rather than professional) practice. I wanted a space, a time, to move differently in the world (and with a different group of people): to balance between an analytical approach and an intuitive one. For me, Druidry is about expanding our capacity to connect and communicate with the non-human world, deepening our commitment to justice for all beings, and re-enchanting the world so that we heal the brokenness and discord that exists between humans and our home. In many ways, my Druidic practice is a path toward walking between the worlds - of waking and dreaming, of the world as it is and the world as it could be. It is an attempt to love all beings through service, study, and art. I am not always great at it, but it's the commitment and perseverance that counts.

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