A Prayer to the Gods, in Service to All Existences

I come before you in love and service, and ask…

Brighid, help me to feel the flame of your inspiration and the nourishing water of your healing

Lugh, help me to build my skills and serve my community well

Morrigan, Great Queen, give me courage to act and the discernment to know what is right action in these dark times

Rhiannon, bless the horses in my care and help me to cultivate their grace and nobility in myself

Cernunnos, help me to know my wild soul and to feel deep love for the wild things of the earth

Elen of the Ways, help me to safely tread the wild paths to the Otherworld and back again

Fair folk, Spirits I Serve, may you live in me and through me — may my life honor yours

May I work with you to help heal the wounds in humanity

The wounds that we have caused and the wounds that we carry

May in healing these wounds, I approach my own divine nature

And may humanity as a whole come closer to theosis and its full potential

To be in service to all existences

In harmony with the earth

Free from suffering

Woman Faun Statue

A statue I purchased for my shrine room to depict Elen of the Ways. I experience her as very wild… part deer, part human… a guide of the deep woods and little-trodden paths.

About the Author

I'm Kimberly Kirner, a Druid (in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids). My spirituality is focused first on serving the nature spirits of this lovely being we call Earth. I'm a professor of cultural anthropology by profession, specializing in environmental and medical anthropology. I started this blog to collect my thoughts and experiences that arise from my spiritual and creative (rather than professional) practice. I wanted a space, a time, to move differently in the world (and with a different group of people): to balance between an analytical approach and an intuitive one. For me, Druidry is about expanding our capacity to connect and communicate with the non-human world, deepening our commitment to justice for all beings, and re-enchanting the world so that we heal the brokenness and discord that exists between humans and our home. In many ways, my Druidic practice is a path toward walking between the worlds - of waking and dreaming, of the world as it is and the world as it could be. It is an attempt to love all beings through service, study, and art. I am not always great at it, but it's the commitment and perseverance that counts.

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