Priestessing Through the Waves of Life

One of my two dads is dying. Or maybe not. My family has been on this journey now for a decade, two decades, more. This year has been more challenging for him—and us—than most others, a never-ending pattern of hospital, rehab for physical therapy, home…hospital, rehab for physical therapy, home…hospital, rehab for physical therapy, home. We’ve been told that this time, perhaps, he might not be going home. I flash between numb and overwhelm over and over and over every day, the days running together like watercolors. And I live 3000 miles away. Messages beam through over text from my […]

Pilgrimage as Ritual

Pausing at the entrance between the stones, you take a breath and touch the Earth, humbly asking permission of the Ancestors of this place to enter the labyrinth in front of you.  In your hand is the offering you created for the Goddess of Labyrinth.  You breathe here for a moment, opening yourself to the energies of the Earth beneath your bare feet and the Cosmos above your uncovered head.  Sensing that you have been granted permission, you take the first step forward. Connected with your breath, the now, you contemplate those things you have come here to release.  With […]

But First, Self-Care

It may initially sound counterintuitive: I’ve found that leadership must begin with exceptional self-care.  The perhaps-overused phrase “put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others” is inherently and unquestionably true.  Our individual needs must be met by and for ourselves before attempting to meet the needs of any group.  To do anything else over time courts burn out, dissatisfaction, bitterness, illness, and/or antipathy. I’ve learned this through excruciatingly painful, intimate experience, at times as frustrating as trying to draw water from an arid well.  In holy desperation I may be able to squeeze some drops out of the heat-baked […]

The Underground Stream: An Introduction

The High Priestess sits upon the seat she has earned over years filled with effort, anguish, and exhilaration, all freely offered in service; in this moment, she is serene, centered, and focused.  Her hair is dressed around a slim silver circlet high upon her head, gold glitter and dark black kohl lining her eyes.  Radiating both wise calm and exuberant sparkle, she transmits a certain visceral electricity which whispers out and gathers all who are near. Around her are displayed her sacred tools and the harvested fruits of her loving labors. In front of her chair is a large, many-phased […]