The Year of Showing Up: Part I

Our community’s year ends with the Full Moon in Cancer and, after a brief respite and rest in the liminal zone Between, begins again at Imbolc.  With each new Sisterhood year comes a new Sisterhood theme, one that organically emerges and arises to be identified by our Priestesses with the intention that it will be explored throughout the year both in community and by each individual.  Our theme last year was the Year of Returning to Center. With Imbolc, we entered our new Year of Showing Up.

But what does that even mean, the Year of Showing Up?  Showing up for what?  For whom?  Why? How?

So far, I’ve considered this concept in three ways:  individual responsibility, collective responsibility, and leadership responsibility.  In this post, I’ll share what this means for me thus far from the context of an individual community member.

From the Perspective of Individual Responsibility…

The energies of the Year of Showing Up encompass each of us showing up for ourselves, and each of us determining what is truly important to us as individual, sovereign beings answerable to no one but our own Sweet Selves:  What makes us happy?  What nourishes us?  What is non-negotiable? What can we not live without joyfully?

When we are self-aware and able to determine our answers to these questions, we find our center, a touchstone from which to further explore.

Here is the essence of sovereignty—consciously deciding how we want to show up; how we want to act, feel, and be; and doing what is in our power to make that happen. This is the decision that we are worthy and deserving of having our lives look and feel the way we’d like them to as much as we possibly can.  We take the reins and sit firmly in the driver’s seat of our lives instead of just floating where the wind takes us like so many dandelion seeds dislodged from their puff.

Conscious decision-making means that we deliberately feel our fear but we don’t let it stop us or get in the way of who we want to be, what we want to do, and what we want to accomplish in this lifetime.  We train ourselves to breathe through the fear, remembering that that there is a vast store power available to be freed up for us there.  We willingly go directly *through* our fear by yielding to experiencing it and all it entails, remembering that nothing lasts forever, even (especially!) the fear itself.   We choose to respond from love instead of out of panic, suspicion, or worry; we elect to act instead of react; we find a deep well of strength within our own honest vulnerability.

I felt inspired by this illustration of courageously showing up that the Founder and High Priestess of the Utah Goddess Temple recently shared on social media:

Sisters, have you seen the doorways to new opportunities? Have you refused to open the door and then are left with regrets? 

This past month my personal challenge has been to say “yes” when an opportunity or invite was offered. Because of this I was able to get out of my comfort zone and have amazing new experiences.

Too often out of fear or our own insecurities we say no when we wanted to say yes. So I encourage you to say “yes!” Unless you want to say no then say no.

Speak your truth and make each day a journey and sacred ritual.

Be Bold, Be True, Be You! Priestess Gypsy

There are many other ways we can show up for ourselves in addition to expanding our comfort zones and trying new things.  We can make a firm standing date with ourselves for self-care, satisfy our desire to create, find new ways to approach living with an open heart, and more. 

Showing up for ourselves means we meet our own expectations—doing what we say we are going to do, unfailingly offering our genuine Selves, and living in full integrity.  We pay exquisite attention to what actually *is*, relaxing into it and releasing our attachment to how we think things “should” look or feel.  We speak our Truth with courage, compassion, and conviction.  We allow events to unfold organically and with graceful patience.  We remain centered in the Holy Moment of Now, continually returning our focus to being present in *this* moment.  

When we decide to show up for ourselves, we listen and feel for that *Yes!* that only comes from within and we follow that *Yes!*, no matter what others may think or say, believing in ourselves.  We release the need to control everything, including others’ reactions to us and their opinions about how we look, what we do, and who we are. 

When we find ourselves caught up in the everyday human drama of overreaction, we step back into the Cosmic View.   We do this by showing up for the “little” things in life—cuddling the kitty, noticing the temperature of the drink as it crosses our lips, appreciating the scent and taste of the spices in our meal, feeling the dampness of the fog as it slowly rolls towards us, fully engaging in every conversation with our Loved Ones, etc. 

Showing up for ourselves is a sacred act of tending to our own sovereignty, improving not only our own lives, but the lives of those we care about and all those around us, and therefore, the world itself.  This creates change on a fundamental, foundational level. 

When we show up for own Sweet Selves, others begin showing up for us too, including the Goddess, the Multiverse, etc.  Showing up is a declaration that we are choosing to be an active participant in life, and returns us again and again to the necessity of being self-referential and self-loving, knowing and owning our intrinsic worth.

And with this authority comes the responsibility to feed and care for what feeds and cares for us, the topic for Part II of this series-which-wasn’t-supposed-to-be-a-series.

It’s the Year of Showing Up, Dear Ones.  Where will you show up for yourself?  Where will you bring your actions into better alignment with your words?  What needs your attention right now in the realm of your integrity and your expectations of yourself?

With Love, Lady Jesamyn


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