War has come to our country.

Make no mistake.  The rise of Nazis represents a direct threat to many of the citizens of this of the USA.  We have a lot of reminders about how their ideology is one of hate, but we have to also remember what that hate leads to – and what they believe that hate should lead to.  Caches of weapons have been found in Charlottesville; that means that they were preparing to arm and use them.

Almost every other Western country has limits on the sort of speech that is allowed in their country, and most of them do not tolerate this kind of thing.  In the United States we’re proud of letting people say whatever they want whenever they want (and they believe that the First Amendment makes them immune to all consequences rather than limiting the governments’ ability to prosecute their speech).  Take a moment with that – we believe that we should be proud of giving our citizens the freedom to organize a genocide against other citizens.  People believe that is virtuous.

Groups of people preaching messages designed to create armies dedicated to killing a portion of the population is an act of war.  A civil society cannot last while people are allowed to organize in the hopes of committing mass murder against whole swaths of the populace.

Embracing white supremacy is a declaration of war.  War against Jewish people, against black people, against Latino folks, against anyone not of visible, white European heritage.  The white supremacists also target women, trans people, and gay people.  They want to organize and create a country without these classes of people.  These people already live here.  They are already born into their citizenship in this country.  They are turning against their own people, declaring war against their fellow citizens.

Allowing white supremacists to speak and organize is giving support to those plans.  It’s saying that you feel that their right to speak is more important than the lives of your fellow human beings.  It’s saying that you support their right to try and change the country, legally and socially, to one that kills its people.

You can’t rely on the fact that they are in the wrong.  That has not stopped a single genocide in the past.  You can’t hope that reason will win out; humans aren’t reasonable creatures, and Nazis are even less so.  Trying to be reasonable and separate personal feelings from decisions is one of the most difficult things that any human being can do (though white men in our country have become convinced that they do this by default; they’re wrong).

If you support their right to spread these ideologies, then you support the murders that are not only the natural extension but the stated purpose of those ideologies.  You support genocide.

If you don’t support those murders, then raise your hands, call the Gods and Ancestors to your side, and fight with whatever power you have to protect the innocent.  Use your words, use your hands, use your resources, use your mind, use your magic.  Pray the conflict does not come to a violent head, pray for the things that will ensure that it will not (target your prayers and magics right now).

You cannot be a good person and remain neutral in a struggle against genocide.  You are just as evil as the people who will commit genocide if you stay neutral in this struggle.  This cannot be allowed.  Be a craven creature, keep your head down, refuse to engage, and history will treat you poorly as a Quisling or Vichy.

Instead rally your Powers and true allies close and be a hero and do what you can to help end this.


  1. I’m not American, and I don’t think anyone should have a right to hate speech. I also think that anyone who advocates violence to a collection of people, some of whom could easily be vulnerable to thinking that the speech should be acted on, need to also be fully charged for the consequences of what they have begun. I also think if anyone is inclined to think Neo-Nazis are just misunderstood people in silly outfits, they might do worse than to watch the old Aussie movie, Romper Stomper. Many many years after seeing it only once, the effect of that movie is still with me.

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