It’s time to care again.  It’s time to care fiercely, with hearts aflame and hands raised, with the Ancestors below us and the Gods behind us, with fearsome compassion in our deeds and righteous fury in our eyes.

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Our culture has been focused on the bad kind of nihilism so much over the past few decades.  I’ve watched the idolization of apathy and the worship of hostility and abuse rise.  It’s gotten to the point where movements that are fighting for human rights are perceived as weak or foolish.  Caring has become a vice in our society.

We need to care for the well being of other humans.  There are a great many people in the United States who don’t.  People who believe and actively promote the belief that some humans are less than human because of who they are.  Race, gender, size, ability, sexuality, the humanity of people who have non-dominant expressions of these categories is up for debate in the public theater.

The apathy is so great that people can witness images of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville last night and imagine that that is a fair and acceptable expression of values.  It is absolutely not.  The USA is one of the few countries that does nothing to limit expressions of hate speech.  People in other countries are rightly ashamed of bigotry when it arises; here it is celebrated.

This needs to stop, and action is required to make it stop.  For action to occur we will need motivation to break the apathy that has seized us and lets us look on hateful hordes with a measured eye rather than proper rage and shame.

The best way to accomplish this is to show that you care.  Show it through your actions, act in opposition to this evil.  Invite others to join in.  Volunteer to help to support minority communities that are in shock.  Contribute financially to those organizations that are taking a stand against white supremacy.  Help out people who you see who are being threatened by these people in public; help them in private at work or home as well.  Now is a time to draw lines as to what is acceptable and what is not.  Now is a time to refuse to give in and refuse to allow this hatred to fester.  Others will join in when they see you acting and will chime in when they hear you speaking up.  It will help to break their apathy and give them the courage to act on their convictions as well.

Give them reasons to care.  Point out how their family, friends, and loved ones are being harmed by these ideologies of hatred.  Help them to empathize, help them to understand.  Help them to show how they themselves are affected.  Help them to understand the inequality, the violence, the oppression.  Help them to understand how to undermine these things through awareness and action.

To Pagan this up, I’ll add: As Above, So Below.  Some of your Gods probably care about this.  Ask for their support for the communities that need this and for those who are acting in opposition to this evil.  Devote your actions in service to them and sanctify your work.  There are many Gods out there who have stood up for the outcast and outsiders and many Gods that aid those who struggle in the name of justice.  As them to inspire strength, wisdom, and most importantly, caring in the hearts of humanity.  Seek their aid and act in their names.

You have ancestors in common with every other human being on the earth, ancestors that go back hundreds of thousands of years and that’s only if you’re counting homo sapiens.  All of humanity are your ancestors and theirs, and among your ancestors there are those who will have strong feelings about this.  There are martyrs for freedom, heroes of the outsiders, protectors of those considered the least in their society.  Call to them for support and aid.  Ask them for guidance in turning back the tide of this evil.  Ask them to help beat the drums that will resonate through the bones of their descendants and call them to the task. The Ancestors have been very active recently; I recommend reaching out to those who have a stake in this struggle.

We can’t let them win, and we won’t.  We aren’t going to fall to this evil unless we refuse to stand up to it.  If you’re feeling burned out, take care of yourself and when you have the energy for the fight, fake it until you make it.  “All hands are needed at the wheel.” is the message I keep getting from the Morrigan.  Everyone needs to push, within their ability to, to turn this one around past the evil and into a brighter age.

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  1. I’ve just been learning about the Karpman drama triangle to help me with my more personal human interactions, but one of the things that struck me was how our whole society seems to currently be geared to admire and bow down to the Persecutors, to those who strike out and belittle and attack all the damn time. Except, it’s not because they are some big admirable badass, it’s because their self esteem is so low they need to get everyone just in case someone is after them, and they never take the responsibility for what they do to other people in the process. They need to be called out and have consequences, or they never learn differently. I think those persecutors we so seem to admire then teach others to be the same way, by hurting them and by causing them to fear too, all the way from our crappy government leaders down to the local bosses and even to families, where one Persecutor creates more. I’m not yet sure how we could apply this knowledge on a world scale, but I hope we find a way.

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