Thinking Theologically

Thinking Theologically: Sacred Texts and Sacred Text

  Oh, you came out from the woods where you were waiting, said you were making time… Monical Heldal, “Boy from the North” In the pagan and polytheist communities, generally and across the board, I’ve observed a strange love/hate relationship with the concepts of sacred texts. Many in our communities express disgust, hatred, or apathy towards the idea of having a sacred text, mostly out of (mis)understanding a strong affiliation of sacred text and scripture often to the point of conflating the both of them. Many pagans express a pride of being liberated from rules, statutes, and stories from sacred […]

Thinking Theologically: Christian Particularism, Devotional Polytheist Particularism, and The Dynamics of Relationships

  Y’all wanted more theology – this is as theological as I can get! This is a paper that I wrote for my university course in Systematic Theology last semester. I was rereading it and thought it would be a useful contribution to the Thinking Theologically series, considering that this paper was a mix of systematic theology and comparative theology. In summary, I was comparing David Kelsey’s ideas on how humans and God interact with and understand each other (in what he calls a Christian particularism) with my own thoughts about how a devotional polytheist and the Power(s) understand and […]

Thinking Theologically: The Concept of Non-Negotiables

One of my favorite things to do – and one of the things that I believe is important to a stable faith life and a stable religious community – is theology. Thinking theologically is a profound thing; simple questions such as “what characterizes a human being?” or “what characterizes a God/Goddess/Spirit/Entity in my beliefs?” are often found to have thousands of years of answers, and ruminations of which continue to this day. I particularly find that theology is very much needed in the pagan communities. One of the ends of thinking theologically is in understanding one’s religious and/or spiritual cosmology. […]