An Argument from Self-Reversion

There are a lot of different ideas in the Pagan community about what the afterlife might be like. But, in order for there to be an afterlife of any kind, we must be able to survive the death of our bodies. In this post we’ll take a look at one reason to draw just this conclusion. The core idea here is that we are able to do something that no divisible thing can. Having separated ourselves in kind from divisible things, we may deduce that the death of any divisible thing (such as a body) could in no way mean […]

In Defense of Armchairs

Welcome to The Armchair! This is a place for Pagan philosophy, theology and apologetics. The armchair has become something of a symbol hasn’t it? We’ve all heard the phrase “armchair psychology”, usually meaning that one is psychologizing another without having the skill or experience needed to do so. But, there is a deeper concern represented by the imagery of an “armchair”: how can we come to know things about the world just by thinking about them? People, for example, are very complicated, and coming to conclusions about them without ever having left the armchair is probably just asking for trouble. Moreover, time and again people have […]