Yet Another Opinion on the Sephora Witch Kit

It seems like within the past few years, the mystery boxes and all-in-one kits have surged in popularity. From geek culture to haute cuisine,  nearly anything you want can be found in box-able form, ready to be shipped nearly anywhere in the world. It didn’t really seem to be that much of a surprise that a boxes of spirituality would come next. Over this past weekend, news was released that beauty industry Sephora would begin selling  “Starter Witch Kit” which consists of a deck of Tarot cards, a rose quartz crystal, a sage bundle, and some perfume oils. I’ve seen […]

The Anger of the Other

    “But…we’ll get Good Friday off, right?”  my hopeful co-worker asked. “No, the only secular holiday we get is Christmas,” I replied. “Oh, that’s a shame, I really wanted to go celebrate with my family and I don’t know if I’ll have the time off…” she continued. I wanted to snap back, “Yeah, it really sucks when you have to take PTO to celebrate your faith.”  I like this co-worker quite a bit. She knows I’m Pagan and has a passing interest in some of the things I do. I’ve read cards for her on numerous times, and have […]

Greetings In the New Year!

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’ve made it out of 2017 alive, quite the feat, given the unrelenting global tensions. On the first, I decided to draw Ogham for each month to try and get a good feel for the general feeling of the year, and I thought I’d share. Apologies that some of the Ogham staves are turned away a bit, since they are made out of their respective woods, many do not lie straight.   January– Blackthorn (Straife)- We start the year off with a fairly rocky Ogham. Blackthorn is a harbinger of strife and malevolence; it is […]

Letting go and Gratitude

      I’m looking outside my sliding glass door as I write today, thinking about the increasingly bare trees. The leaves swirling in the Great Plains wind are a reminder to me to let go. The leaves of a (deciduous) tree have a life cycle which most Pagans can appreciate. They sprout from the branches, in the spring, collect sunlight and rain alike in the summer, turn beautiful colors and detach in the autumn, and then decay and feed the soil in the winter. I am reminded of the importance of gracefully letting go of things and people that […]

A Ritual of the Three Harvests 

  This an abbreviated ritual I’ve written for an Elder who has recently gone in to a nursing home.  This person is struggling with Alzheimer’s, which is why the ritual is pretty short. I wanted to make sure the Elder could follow along, and also, to avoid potentially coming into conflict with nurses or medication walking into the room. The reason I put a focus on food in this ritual is mostly because Elder is not wanting to eat, and every bite has to be encouraged. I thought perhaps we could get some nutritious food into Elder without a battle.   Items: Plate, cup, juice […]

Finding Community, Wearing Identity

I smile at the cashier softly, ask her how her day is going. I can tell that I’ve caught her a bit off-guard as she meets my gaze. In low tones, I say, “Your  Mjölnir is lovely.” Her hand immediately reaches up to it and I see her tense, wondering what will come next. It is lovely, just a small wire outline of hammer, surrounded by green glass beads. I point to my spouse, who sports Viking longship pendant. She visibly relaxes and says she didn’t know if there were any others in town. We tell her there’s more than she thinks, […]

On Charlottesville and Elsewhere

  What the fuck can you say about Charlottesville? What can you say or do about any egregious act of violence or hatred? Lately, I’ve been really struggling with the “Thoughts and prayers” posts on social media. To me, it’s an echoing, mocking cry. It is not enough to just think and pray; if it was, we wouldn’t be here. Most practitioners of magic will tell you that spells and prayers are only a part of the work. For example, you can pray all you want for a new job, but you gotta send out your resume, you gotta fill […]

Reflections on Lammas/Lughnasadh and Imbolc

  Imbolc and Lammas/Lughnasadh are the two Sabbats I struggle with the most. It’s not that I flat out hate these Sabbats, it’s just that I feel incredibly uninspired by them. I think it’s worth noting that these two complement each other on the Wheel of the Year. Perhaps it because of the climate here. At Imbolc, it’s still bitterly cold, possibly the coldest time of the year- you can’t really get out and stomp on the ground to awaken- the ground is still covered in snow. With Lammas/Lughnasadh, the opposite applies; it doesn’t feel nor look like the first […]

Building A Shrine

As a followup to my last post, I’ve been working on a shrine for my goddess. As I mentioned previously, I’ve been having trouble finding any statues, contemporary or otherwise, specifically made for her. First, I happened to get a little inspiration at a local store where you pick a piece of pottery to paint and the store will fire it in their kiln. I ended making up two devotional bowls. One is for the river and sunrise and the other is for the forest and sunset. After searching around a bit, I decided on a small goddess from Brigid’s […]

For the Love of the Little-Known Gods

    I love rivers. I’ve always wanted to live by one. Perhaps it’s because I’m a Pisces as I find healing in running water; whenever I’m sick, I head for the shower and let the water beat down on me. So, it was natural for me to seek out deities of the river. I found a name that caught my eye and felt a connection; however, when attempting to research further, I soon hit a wall. There’s not much out there about her: basically, the same paragraph appears in the various websites; she doesn’t seem to be on the devotion radar for the Reconstructionists or the more mystically-minded. Can’t […]