Letting go and Gratitude




I’m looking outside my sliding glass door as I write today, thinking about the increasingly bare trees. The leaves swirling in the Great Plains wind are a reminder to me to let go. The leaves of a (deciduous) tree have a life cycle which most Pagans can appreciate. They sprout from the branches, in the spring, collect sunlight and rain alike in the summer, turn beautiful colors and detach in the autumn, and then decay and feed the soil in the winter.

I am reminded of the importance of gracefully letting go of things and people that have served their purpose. I have had a somewhat tumultuous year, specifically in career area, but find myself becoming more at peace with the loss of Dream Job. The loss of the job did allow to finish up my goals for the First Degree Initiation, and am now a Second Degree Initiate, and it freed up time for me to write for this blog. We have had a few coven members ghost us this year, but despite how painful this is, we now have room to welcome new, and hopefully dedicated.

Detachment is something that is not always easy for me;  I often have strong, emotional reactions to events and people. I joke that I would make a terrible counselor because of my facial expressions. Perspective is a crucial element in the process of detachment, and typically only comes after a crisis or event, and not during.