A Ritual of the Three Harvests 

By Carsten Tolkmit from Kiel, Germany (crossroads) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


This an abbreviated ritual I’ve written for an Elder who has recently gone in to a nursing home.  This person is struggling with Alzheimer’s, which is why the ritual is pretty short. I wanted to make sure the Elder could follow along, and also, to avoid potentially coming into conflict with nurses or medication walking into the room. The reason I put a focus on food in this ritual is mostly because Elder is not wanting to eat, and every bite has to be encouraged. I thought perhaps we could get some nutritious food into Elder without a battle.  

Items: Plate, cup, juice or cider, cornbread muffin, cooked lean meat. Food and drink to be prearranged on plate and in cup. 



Queen Hekate of the Triple Path, 

Lady of the Crossroads, 

Gentle guide of Peresphone, 

Bearer of the Torches, 

Cloaked in twilight; 

We call to you 

On this Blessed Samhain. 

Be with us here tonight  

So Mote It Be! 


Hekate, we come before you this night and we ask you to smile upon your child, (name). Let (name) feel your love and presence as we offer the bounty of the Triple Path.  


From the East, we offer you the Grain of the Land 

From the West, we offer you the Fruit of the Land 

From the North, we offer you the Flesh of the Land 

May it nourish you and strengthen you as the Great Wheel turns. 


 (Present the food to Elder)


From the Gods, to the Earth, to all of us 

From all of us, to the Earth, to the Gods 

A gift for a gift 

Blessed Be! 



Gracious Hekate, 

Cloaked in Twilight,  

Bearer of the Torches, 

Gentle Guide of Persephone, 

Lady of the Crossroads, 

We thank you for being with us 

On this Blessed Samhain.  

Oh Queen of the Triple Path, 

We bid you hail, and farewell!