Building A Shrine

As a followup to my last post, I’ve been working on a shrine for my goddess. As I mentioned previously, I’ve been having trouble finding any statues, contemporary or otherwise, specifically made for her. First, I happened to get a little inspiration at a local store where you pick a piece of pottery to paint and the store will fire it in their kiln. I ended making up two devotional bowls.

One is for the river and sunrise and the other is for the forest and sunset.

After searching around a bit, I decided on a small goddess from Brigid’s Grove

After I received my little goddess, I snagged a square-shaped papier-mâché box and grabbed the paintbrushes. 


I painted a river and shore on the inside of the lid of the box. I then nest the box inside the lid to create the appearance of a river.

I also picked up a fabric square to serve as an altar cloth.


I went on a road trip this past weekend, and found this gorgeous stone to add to the shrine. The stone matches the cloth quite well.

One side of the polychrome stone.

And the flip side of the stone. It’s a bit phallic.


I might at some point look for a small wooden cabinet to house the little goddess, but I think this will serve me well for now. Next step will be finding a dedicated space for her.