Spring Equinox Blessings

In the Northern Hemisphere, 2017’s Spring Equinox was on March 20th. The promise of spring is in the air, and hope is renewed. Though I tend to gravitate toward the harvest Sabbats, there’s something to be said for this time of year. Where I live it gets cold and snows in the winter, and while I can appreciate the stillness, the quietness of snowfall, I much prefer the rain and thunder, the green peeking up here and there, the lacy quality of bare trees slowly being replaced by tiny, colorful blossoms.

As of right now, there are several impending threats to the environment protections that have been put in place. The current administration has made it clear that protection and conservation is not a priority. As a result of this, the time has come for followers of earth-centric spirituality to come forward and speak up, to put our money where our faith is, and to focus more and more intent on the small steps we can take. Personally, I’ve been struggling to overcome the despair and sense of hopelessness. I have a small ritual I like to perform every Spring Equinox and it usually cheers me right up.

I take some wildflower seeds and mix them together in a small bowl at my altar. As I run my hands through the seeds, I envision all the hopes I have for my friends and family, my community, state, nation,  and the world. I let these flow from me and into the seeds, and prayers are offered to the Sower, the Steward, and the Harvester/Reaper. Afterwards I usually drum to further charge the seeds. After I feel they have been sufficiently empowered, I either turn them into seed bombs, or I cast them on the wind to send them out into the world. This can be adapted for solitary or group rituals and is easy enough kids can do it. One of these days, I plan to embed the seeds in handmade paper and make Pagan-y shapes/designs out of the paper, but I don’t have a drying rack yet to make decent sized sheets. This would be a great way to recycle paper too.