Hail the Tech Spirits!

Aha! Finally, I have a working desktop computer again!

That took weeks longer than I expected it to. It’s been a bit of a rough couple of months for me, tech-wise. My tablet screen shattered. My desktop computer video card died. My phone battery started dying, too. Fun times.

But now I have a new phone, my desktop computer is repaired, and I have a plan to replace my tablet, so yay, progress!

Even better, I will be going to Ireland soon!

So inspired new content is on the way!



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I am Gythia of the Vanic Conspiracy, founded in 2004. We are building the RedWood Vanatru tradition, a path of devotional polytheism centered on Freyja, Freyr, and Their kin. I have trained with various Pagan groups, including Hrafnar, Thiasos Bakkheios, and the American Magic Umbanda House. I present and/or staff at events such as PantheaCon, the Bay Area Tarot Symposium, and Many Gods West. I volunteer as a jail chaplain for alternative religions, and hold a BA with honors in religious studies, which I hope to expand towards a Ph.D. in the future. My personal interests include folklore, feminism, nonbinary gender, polyamory, art, music, and gaming. I am seasonally affective and have neuro-atypical sensory processing, both of which significantly influence my perception of the world, and my spiritual experience. I have lived all my life in the south San Francisco Bay Area.

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