Burning Through Toxicity: 5 Ways to Connect with the Divine Masculine.

Times are changing. But as things shift, so too does our society’s understanding of ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’.

There has been so much toxicity in the (relatively modern) notion of masculinity, which is being compounded by those in power on the world stage. There has been so much fragility within the current belief of what it takes to ‘be a man’. There has been so much that fear about something that has absolutely nothing to do with the divine masculine. For thousands of years ‘masculinity’ has become a play of power based upon oppression and control.

This can be make it difficult to access our divine masculine energy.

Myth Busting: Nurture and Nature – The Voice of the Mother.

Listen to me. I am The Empress. The Mother. The Anima and I have come to talk with you about my work. And the work of others like me. I have come to dispel the false myth I have fought against for so long. One so deeply ingrained that you may not know of its insidious message. Or how it disempowers the powerful. I have come to gift you with my ancient wisdom. I have come to break you free.

The Potency of the Serpent: The Power in Unravelling

A serpent rests within each one of us, deep down. Coiled. A primordial spiral of energy that is ready to rise, ready to strike! She resides in the dark, her eyes bright. Glimmering, even as she sleeps. And she is poised and patient, she will wait for as long as it takes. Days, weeks, years…millennia! She is the guardian of the unconscious and when at last she uncoils, that which is unknown will become known. When at last she raises her head, there will be revelations! Truths will be uncovered and lies will fall away.

The Quickening Times: How to Bring Back Our Magic

Some will already have found their own ways. Their own rituals and rites,their personal practices and customs. Yet others struggle to know what it is they can do to feed their spark. For not all answers are in the pages of book. So how can we learn to live more magical lives? How can we respond to The Quickening?

In The Beginning: The Journey of The Feminine Fool

Once upon a time, in the depths of a Cosmic Winter, The Fool slept. Yet, though she may have slumbered she did not rest – for within her dreams was the Divine Spark. Even in her dormant state she forged the hot sun and the bright moon. The dazzling stars and the blazing planets. Light and dark. Day and night. Colour and shade. A cosmic dreamscape designed within the endless oceans of time.

And then the Fool awoke. And then she breathed.

In the beginning…