track #2: She’s the One

My goddess lives deep in the heart of our cosmos, or rather, she dances there. She dances eternally, spinning around in great sweeping whirls, as she measures out the beat of the music of the stars. With the steps of her dance she binds together all the matter in our galaxy and keeps the stars moving in their proper arcs through the sky. We do not, we cannot see her. Not with our most advanced scientific tools. We can pick up on nearby energy signals that give us clues as to her activity, but the goddess herself is invisible. She […]

track #1: Night

Before I do anything else, I should probably tell you what my path is. This poses a bit of a problem, as my mystic ways are unique to me: a form of heretical modern Judaism based on the idea that I am called to the Powers my ancestors were most forbidden to worship. I started out seeking Lilith almost a year ago now, and then I flirted with several netjer or Kemetic Powers. After an incident involving a Hamilton tattoo, I was claimed by Dionysos, and shortly thereafter I fell into the mad embrace of his half-forgotten bride. I still […]