It’s the Little Things: Tiny Bioimprovements to Make a Difference

Building seeps, bioswales, vernal ponds, marshy areas, and the like into your California native planting helps restore groundwater like nothing else. San Jose had extremely minimal rain the past two days, a fraction of an inch. But this little streambed pond still has a couple of gallons sitting in it after a bright sunny day where most of the surface soil has already started to dry. It will slowly seep into the ground over the next day or two, keeping this clay heavily saturated and swampy for several weeks. If this same bed was graded house-to-street, all this water would […]

Grow your own luffas! No (April) Fooling!

Welcome to Postage Stamp Permaculture!  There’s so much to write about, but the bizarrely beautiful luffa gourd seemed like a great place to start. It’s a very common misconception that luffas are marine organisms, much like sponges. But they’re actually a gourd you can easily grow yourself if your summer’s long enough (150+ frost free days).  The part we think of as a luffa is actually a set of tough fibers surrounding the seed cavities within the fruit. Luffas don’t transplant as readily as most other gourds and squashes, so it’s best to plant them in their final location.  They […]