Involving Deities In Your Spell-Work: Yes, It Can Be Done Respectfully

Once, apropos of nothing, while meditating with Hermes, he let loose with the following rant: “It’s not like I don’t want to help. I do. I’m helpful. I like being helpful. And I get that I’m useful, too! I’ve got commerce and diplomacy and language and invention and the afterlife — and who wouldn’t want to call on me? But could people like, ASK before either touching my balls or yanking on my intimate divine bits?” And it’s true. I have seen countless spell books that “use” deities as symbols in spells, or which “use” the names and symbols belonging […]

My Definition of Sacred

I’ve decided today to explore my take on the sacred. What is sacred to me, how I decided what I found to be sacred, and to cast in relief those things which are definitely not at all sacred to me. The process of articulating what is sacred is one that should be on-going. How I defined sacredness ten years ago is not how I define it today. Refining my understanding of it is also refining my understanding of my spiritual self. Herein, I give three definitions, and an explanation for each. I do not expect these to be universally applicable, […]