Checking In for Mabon

There was a new years recently, though not one that belongs to me as I’m not Jewish. When Bug gets a little older, we’ll have to get back in the rhythm of celebrating a New School Year, I suppose, and that’s a more secular new years for the turn into autumn. And of course the season keeps trucking along and the equinox happened in there too, and we celebrated the bounty of fiber animals at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, as we do every year to welcome the autumn. Last year Bug got her first broom; this year she […]

Calling My Yaya

Today is my Yaya’s birthday. She would have been 85 today. On the ancestor altar, she is represented by a tiny set of ceramic cats she let me have years ago. I’ve written about her in bits and pieces. She took care of me as a small kid when my parents were working, and on school breaks and snow days until I was old enough to stay by myself. She taught me to hand sew, and thus I think about her when I embroider now. I used to make little pouches and dolls out of her rags. She and my […]

Ostara, Easter, Beltane, Overwhelm

One of the hardest parts of starting from scratch is having to evaluate absolutely everything to decide if we want to include it or not. Holidays are complex and mysterious things for me. Left to my own devices, almost everything creeps up on me without giving me a chance to get much planning done, even for holidays I enjoy like Halloween and holidays that I have off work like Thanksgiving. If I was on my own, I’d probably just enjoy the quiet day off a national holiday offers. However, holidays are important to my spouse, and I want my kid […]

A Home Made of Bells

Last year I embarked on what I half-jokingly called a “spiritual KonMari”. In the same way that the tidying program promises to put your house in order, I wanted to bring clarity to my spiritual house as well as my physical household. The process ended up going in directions I had not at all expected, as I was quickly reminded that hearth and mind and faith are all related in complex ways. Sage’s post about hearthcraft rang true for me. I tend to be the kind of person more interested in mysticism than the mundane, and my practice reflected that […]

Now Entering October Country

What I believe has always been an intensely personal thing for me. Growing up Catholic, I would pick the brains of my Sunday School teachers, read my way through my small-town library, and borrow the mythologies of TV shows, comics and Edith Hamilton’s Mythology before I had internet. I lived in my head and in the woods, and I was spirit-taught, and I was satisfied with that. What I do, on the other hand, has long been separate. When I started pinning photocopied pictures of Artemis and Athena on my bedroom wall, I was a lector at my church, involved […]