Things are shifting, moving rapidly

It’s all wonderful with new knowledge being gained, new friendships being built, newish community being strengthened. But I’m hella busy. It’s good. I’m tired, but happy.

I had a reading this past fall and part of it was being told that I should stop looking for “what’s next”, stop searching for my “other” magic because “love is my magic” and I’m already doing it, already have that. It hit me in a weird place and felt far too grand a thing for wee ole me. As I’ve allowed this message to continue to sink in over the last 4 months I can’t deny the truth of the message. It’s interesting, and comforting, and true. I can’t ask for better magic than that.

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Medium, oracle, deathworker, priestess, ritualist, artist. I've been twisting the magical energies for decades, landed in the Reclaiming/Feri tradition, and am initiate of both. I believe in the power of community, deep listening, and the mystic in all of us. I live for joy and transformation, and run open arms into the Work. Oracular work, ritual, speaking uncomfortable truths, blending essential oils/herbs, art, and conversing with the Beloved Dead are my specialties. I am most alive at the seashore. When I cannot be there I thrive where I can hear the sounds of nature, smell the green, and feel the reaching roots beneath my feet. I believe in connection. You can find me at

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