The Dead are Restless Waiting for Us to Enact Change

Every year the Dead are restless. This year even more so. They’re yearning to be remembered, to be learned from, to hear their names called. They want us to heal the wounds of earlier generations and to send that healing forward into our future. They want us to heal ourselves and to pass the how of that healing on. They want music and dance, art and trance.

I co-led a ritual where hordes of dead showed up and there were only a few of living there. They were filled with gratitude in the remembering, in the calling, in the mere mention of who they were and what they stood for. We called and hailed and feasted with them. When we were done, there was joviality and then a peace in the room that had eased in on soft feet and settled into soft chairs, smiling.

Blessed Samhain, you all.

About the Author

Medium, oracle, deathworker, priestess, ritualist, artist. I've been twisting the magical energies for decades, landed in the Reclaiming/Feri tradition, and am initiate of both. I believe in the power of community, deep listening, and the mystic in all of us. I live for joy and transformation, and run open arms into the Work. Oracular work, ritual, speaking uncomfortable truths, blending essential oils/herbs, art, and conversing with the Beloved Dead are my specialties. I am most alive at the seashore. When I cannot be there I thrive where I can hear the sounds of nature, smell the green, and feel the reaching roots beneath my feet. I believe in connection. You can find me at

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