The Long Roll Uphill from Grief

It’s been awhile. The climb has been steep and slippery. I feel more myself than I have since February. Part of this returning I credit to Spiralheart Witchcamp from where I’ve just returned. I had a grand time! I got to play, and play with energy. I received tenderness from all around in such an overwhelmingly good way that my skin is still sweet with it.

I stepped into circle, and center, a number of times, and though it will never be easy to take that step in, it is easier than in the past, and as has always been true once I’m in there I’m golden. Not that I always do perfectly there, mind you. I do pretty well, but “golden” in the sense that once I take that first step into circle the belief that I belong there envelopes me and I’m on point. Standing and waiting to step in is a twitchy uncomfortable thing for me. I continue to step in as a gift of service to my community, and being in there is a gift back to myself because I feel the value of the work that I do.

Our story this year was Tam Lin.

Camp for me is giving and receiving and I had many opportunities for both. It rained liked hell all week and that was a bit rough as this was my first time tenting, but no leaks, no puddles, so I’ll tent again next year. Oh! And next year we’re doing a Norse story!

Join us, won’t you?


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Medium, oracle, deathworker, priestess, ritualist, artist. I've been twisting the magical energies for decades, landed in the Reclaiming/Feri tradition, and am initiate of both. I believe in the power of community, deep listening, and the mystic in all of us. I live for joy and transformation, and run open arms into the Work. Oracular work, ritual, speaking uncomfortable truths, blending essential oils/herbs, art, and conversing with the Beloved Dead are my specialties. I am most alive at the seashore. When I cannot be there I thrive where I can hear the sounds of nature, smell the green, and feel the reaching roots beneath my feet. I believe in connection. You can find me at

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