Welcomes, Goodbyes, and New Beginnings

Hello to all! I am excited to begin writing here at Pagan Bloggers, and I’m eager to introduce myself. At the same time, I’m taking a new step in my mundane life. I’m moving away from my transitional home and into a place I hope will be much more permanent.

These two events are similar in many ways. As I come to a new home, greet new spirits and new neighbors, I must put my best foot forward. The same is true here. I can do my best to tell you about myself, to offer up the knowledge and insight I have found over the years; but it is up to you, dear readers, whether or not you will stick around to really get to know me!

So let’s cover the basics. I self-identify as a Pagan, and as a Heathen within the Pagan umbrella. I take inspiration from across the ancient Germanic world, but Anglo-Saxon England is my primary interest. I am oathed to the Goddess Nerthus, and I work closely with Freyja and Sunna. I honor many deities as well as my ancestors; but truth be told I feel closest to the land wights and spirits of nature. I am a teacher and a mother of four. Locally, I’m a member of an ADF Grove, a Wiccan coven, and am a regular attendee at the local Unitarian Universalist church. If you’re following me from my blog at Patheos Pagan, Heathen at Heart, then you know all these things.

There are some things you might not know even if you’ve been following my writing for awhile. Along with a fascination with Anglo-Saxon England, I have a love for the author JRR Tolkien, and a belief that at least some of the spirits he wrote about in The Silmarillion are real beings.

I primarily honor Varda Elentari and Yavanna, and have reached out to others at times. This is an awkward thing for me as a Heathen to admit – there’s no subset of Paganism more focused on a dogmatic adherence to a few pre-approved sources. I can hope that many of my long-term readers see me as level-headed and well-reasoned, and accept that though they may see things differently, my writing can still be helpful on their path.

As for those just beginning to get a sense of me, I do hope you’ll stick around and get to know more. I plan to cover many topics here, ranging from parenting and child-friendly ideas to in-depth explorations of difficult and controversial conversations in the Pagan and Heathen communities.

I am excited to be a part of Pagan Bloggers, and I can’t wait to see what will come from it. I feel that more platforms for Pagan voices are a good thing, and I have enjoyed reading what has been written so far.

Here’s to many more enjoyable posts!

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