About the Otherfaith

The Otherfaith today is a religio-magical tradition worshiping the Four+ Gods. The name is a misnomer; there are eight deities the People revere, all tied together by the shared symbol of the compass rose. Assign the gods to the compass points and one has a sacred symbol for the Otherfaith.

Founded six years ago, the tradition is very modern. We embrace technology and the internet. Our gods are robotic and blend magic with machine. For the Other People, our religion cannot be separated from the technology of humankind. Our gods are intertwined with it, as are we.

The Otherfaith is polytheist and animist. Our theology includes our Four+ Gods and our myriad of spirits. These spirits sometimes inhabit our own world. Sometimes they remain exclusively in their own realm. They may be spirits of plants and mountains or they may be spirits unto themselves. We tend to call these spirits ‘fairies’.

…Put most simply, the Otherfaith is a young polytheist tradition. We revere a group of new gods, the Four+ Gods, and their spirits. We were founded by an online group and remain one to this day; there are no current offline Otherfaith groups. Our tradition emphasizes innovation, storytelling, and experiencing the divinities through whatever means work best. This may include prayer, stories, meditation, art, music, or many more means.

– from ‘About Us

You can read more about the Otherfaith on our main website’s FAQs.

Information about the Four+ gods we revere can be found through our basics series.