“If you’re confused about power, remember love.” Victor Anderson.  


In response to current events, so many people are reporting feelings of powerless, helplessness and apathy. I want to remind you that you are not powerless!

There is a false power–Starhawk called it power-over— that relies upon bullying, coercion, abuse, weapons and violence. It’s the power of tyrants.  It is born from the tangled roots of fear.  

There is a different kind of power, a truer power, born from the deep heart of love. It comes from within us. It is the will to live, to create, nurture, protect, to give and receive love.

This inherent, human power connects us to Earth and the Laws of Nature–which are higher and more ancient than the laws of man.  From it, arises empathy, compassion and connection to all that is. It generates the impulse to protect one another, the Earth and all her children. It is instinctual and intuitive. Though we have been trained to ignore it, we must listen to it now.


YOU are power!  WE ARE POWER!


There is a power whose impulse is destruction, dominance and death. This power constantly feels threatened and, therefore, is defensive. It is greedy, insatiable. This insecure power is compelled to show force against that which it wishes to consume or control.


There is a power whose impulse is toward life, love and connection. This power constantly feels open, expansive, vulnerable, aching to be given and received. The very vulnerability of this power is its strength. It fights for love, for justice, for inclusion and for connection.  This power is compelled toward virtues like truth, justice, inclusion and more.  The more this power gives, the larger and more magnificent it becomes.

If there is a war in the world, we must recognize it is also within us.  These powers vie between themselves for ascendancy out there but also in here (*points to heart*).  We must, now, be willing to stand in our power–in love. To do so means turning our back upon consumption, greed and power-over.  To do so means to become both vulnerable and inconceivably strong–through love.

I’m not talking about a mushy, squishy love. I’m don’t mean whispers, giggles and butterflies.  I’m talking about Love as Power. Love that rises and stands with its heart-sized fist raised in defiance. Love given voice in the cries of protest. The love of the birthing mother who willing brushes her own life up against death itself, to bring forth her child. Love that will walk miles, arms linked with other lovers, in the name of justice.  Love that reaches out past the boundary of fear to draw in, enfold, protect.  Love that stands with shoulders squared and head held high, clear eyed and unflinching.  Love that is fearless because it knows it is the greatest power in the universe.



                     C’mon now. Rise. Stand in love that is power.  

We have been immobilized by an endless barrage of misinformation, obfuscation and deflection purposefully contrived to confuse and exhaust us. We’ve been dealt a blow that’s knocked us off our feet. We have been paralyzed by grief and fear. This is a normal response.

We look backwards, trying to figure out what happened and how, by whom and when.

We run around screaming, “The sky is falling” but can make no meaningful move to stop it.

We freeze, like deer in headlights, staring helplessly at what we perceive coming down the road toward us.  

We allow ourselves to be buffeted about and pulled deep into apathy by the undertow of grief.  

We deny we no longer have the luxury of time for looking backward, ineffective panic, standing motionless or stricken by grief.

Let me repeat that: We do not have the luxury of time. The belief we “have” time ended with the last world.  We must take action and we must do so immediately.  Love Warriors, consider this your call to duty. Consider yourselves activated.  Remember, you were made for this.  If you allow it, your instinct and intuition know exactly what to do.

Call upon your Power.  It resides in your breath, in your connection to the earth and in your heart. Breathe into the ember of love in your heart til it catches fire. Let that great and sacred power fill you until you shake with it. Gather with others as quickly as possible, in power–for the time of the lone warrior has ended.

Prepare in all the practical ways you prepare for any emergency. This tangible activity alone, will empower and enliven you. It will signal to your animal and your rational self that you have not lain down to wait for death. Make plans for your safety and for those you love. Make plans for helping others you barely know. Commit to putting your body on the line for strangers.

Go meet your neighbors. Don’t wait. Stop thinking about doing it and go do it. Talk to them. It’s uncomfortable. Do it anyway.


Make signs. Go out into the street. March. Make calls. Pray. Post signs. Paint grafitti. Go door to door singing revolution songs instead of xmas carols.  Stop waiting for someone else to organize you, tell you what to do or save you.  

The time of savior figures is over. The bearded white guy in the sky, God Herself, nor aliens aboard the mothership are coming to save us from ourselves. In fact, the Gods and Ancient Ones are waiting for us to take our rightful role as the Lovers and Protectors of the Earth and Her children. They are impatient for us to step into this next world.

Follow your heart. Your heart knows exactly what to do. Everyone in the battle for love is a five-star general.  Each of us the messiah, the christed, the buddha, the priestess, the wise one.

From love, each will lead. In love, all shall follow. For love, we will overcome.


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