Cycles of research

I spent last weekend not getting much done. Not for want of things on my to-do list. I have 118 things in my writing topics list – and that doesn’t count another two lists at home. A long-term research project I’ve been circling around getting started. Books and webpages to read. This morning, coming into work, I got to thinking about cycles and how they fit into research.

3 things for better teaching (and better learning)

  One of the things I love about teaching is figuring out how a given group of people’s reacting to what I’m teaching on that day. There’s plenty that’s challenging about this, of course, but I love seeing what examples work, which topics get a lot of interest. Of course, that’s one of the most complicated things about teaching. You can take the same material, and present it in the same way, to people, and get two entirely different reactions depending on a whole bunch of things, most of which you (as the teacher) can’t control. Teachers who teach several […]

Learning and teaching

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we teach and how we learn the past month or two. They’re things a lot of people have had some great experiences with, and some lousy experiences with. They’re also things where the ways we learn in school or college or other formal learning experiences often isn’t a good fit for the kind of learning we do as Pagans. Why am I think about it even more right now? Well, in my case, it’s the combo of having had two interesting (and very different) recent learning experiences, plus I’m prepping a workshop on […]

Covers and Context

Welcome! One of the things I’ve learned as a librarian is that people have vastly different experiences with how they go about finding information (or not finding it, as the case may be) and that that happens for all sorts of different reasons. That’s particularly¬†true for many Pagans I’ve talked to over the years. Sometimes there are good reasons for that. The methods of research taught in many schools work well for some academic topics and projects, but not nearly as well for personal projects, especially ones that involve emotions, religion, magic, or other things that have an experiential aspect. […]