At the Heart(h) of it All

I have recently begun thinking about my personal religious expression in terms of “devotional hearthcraft.” This phrase borrows from both devotional Paganism/polytheism, specifically my devotion for Brighid, and hearthcraft, a term I believe was first coined by Arin Murphy-Hiscock in her book The Way of the Hedge Witch. When combined, these two paths nurture and inspire each other to become something greater than the sum of its parts. At the start of my Flametending shifts for Brighid, I acknowledge that I’m accepting the flame from the last shift’s keeper with this prayer: “From heart to hearth I take this flame.” I say […]

My Great Pagan Roadtrip: The First Ten Years

[content warning: brief mention of mental health medication] Ostara, 2007. I was a junior in high school, living in a very small, very conservative town in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I was grappling with a growing sense of self that seemed at odds with the world my family and worldview had promised me from the beginning. I was queer, there was no doubt about that, and while I was still years off from realizing I was transgender, I already knew I felt uncomfortable with many of the constraints and expectations associated with my gender. I’d quit God already, quite spectacularly, […]