Self Care

What now? What about the people? As for the abusers and boundary breakers? They can choose to stop the behavior. They absolutely can and then they can come back. They need to apologize for what they did, make big observable changes to their behavior. You however? The person who was hurt? Does not have to accept the apology and be around them. Ever. Ever. Ever. You do not owe anyone your time or your energy. If a leader pushes you to meet with someone that hurt you that leader is most likely in the wrong and not to be trusted […]

The Missing Stair

tw: abuse, apathy, gas lighting   Missing stairs and leaders You all know someone who is a ‘missing stair’. It’s the person who gets handsy after a few drinks or the one who gets mean and abusive but doesn’t mean it. It’s the one that you know to avoid when they get like that and you warn other people about it but no one actually does anything about the problem person. The insidious part of it is that anyone who complains about that person gets victim-blamed that you should know known better (whether or not you actually knew it was […]