Comment on the 2017 PantheaCon schedule

This is a reminder that if you want to see something on the schedule it helps if you offer it, or nudge a friend to do so. It’s an extremely rare case when the programming committee goes out and solicits something. We prefer to be a bit more, hmm, natural about it and go with the flow of what the community feels the urge to talk and teach about.

This post brought to you by this year’s folks wishing there was more of X on the schedule.

This is also a reminder that if you wonder about if something wasn’t on the schedule you can always ask me and find out if it was offered and turned down or not offered at all. I do reserve the right to not go into detail about why something was turned down because I suspect the rules lawyers among you (ahem) could come up with cogent reasons for everything we didn’t accept.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but an item has to hit a number of sweet spots to make it onto the schedule: It needs to be a well written, interesting to read description that is specific enough to entice the PantheaCon audience into wanting to attend without reading like you are trying to cram your entire outline into your 100 words (think abstract, not lecture notes). It is a topic that can be covered in enough detail to fill 90 minutes (too long or too short and it shows your lack of experience at being a presenter). Your bio needs to show your relevant experience to the topic(s). You actually fill out the rest of the application properly. You offer a decent range of times that you can present (here is a hint, if you are brand new and only list Saturday afternoon your odds plummet). You don’t have odd or hard to manage requests in a hotel setting like crafting with glitter, smoke, exceptionally loud noises, a cast of thousands. Having a good email address and answering when programming emails you with a question. Those are all things you can control.

Outside your control are the following: if someone more qualified than you offers an identical item, if someone similar to you offers the same item but at a time we can fit on the schedule when yours does not, being utterly unknown to the committee and our very extensive list of contacts (we risk this sometimes anyway, especially if the topic is rare), knowing what topics are rare or haven’t been presented in a long time (this is a tough one unless you really are familiar with the programs from previous years). It also has to fit into a room we have a time/size/sound requirement level for.

Some years we are overflowing with 101 items. When I started we had more Faerie/Feri items than we could shake a stick at, this year we have 4? 5? Now its Druidic stuff. Concerts were a bit thin on the ground this year. We had a ton of crafting items offered. We had our strongest kid/family friendly track (unsolicited!) that we’ve had ever.

So, for the person who was commenting elsebook about the lack of Kemetic? I’ve seen less than half a dozen regular presenters even offer to teach it. It’s an area not well represented on the schedule because that is apparently not who comes/teaches at con. Or perhaps they don’t think there is an audience for it. Or they are teaching something else. Or they are attending con and not teaching at all. Or its a private tradition that doesn’t translate to con. All of those are valid. [This is not an invitation to flood the submission box with Kemetic items next year. Please – teach what you are drawn to and have a passion for. Besides, next year the lack might be something else.]

Anyway, I’m doing this instead of working on my next Patreon piece so I’ll get back to that. ::mwah::

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