Aftermath of rejection

An update on yesterday – all three people who posted about their disappointment on not being selected have reached out to me privately. It’s all mended. I’m grateful to everyone that’s commented on all aspects of the process. Caring about what’s on the schedule means you are passionate about the conference (even if it is to bust on it!) and that means that myself and the rest of the staff are doing their job right.

As someone said yesterday being an artist (or presenter or both) is a calling filled with rejection. It’s going to happen. It’s going to sting because it is a rejection of the work you do in the world that some slice of the world doesn’t want. I have so much empathy for that and I don’t envy anyone who has to curate any kind of collection. I can only hope we come at it from the best place we can and from this we can go forward.

I hope when the schedule comes out in a few weeks that people judge it on its merits. On what is on the schedule and not by what is missing. And to not forget that the official program is a small slice of the conference as a whole. There are 20+ hospitality rooms that put on items and parties. There is the talks in the bar and the restaurants and the hallways.

And finally I hope, as the Northern Hemisphere heads into winter, and the election that everyone takes a deep breath, steps away from the keyboard for a few minutes and remembers that the light will return.

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