Now what?

I never know quite what to say on the day that the rejection emails go out. I’m seeing a lot of anger, frustration and even gotten called idiot by people. Here is what I will try to express: I get it. I truly do. We got 600+ presentations again this year and have 203 accepted items. That means a whole lot of things don’t make it. Every year old favorites don’t make it for a year and then they come back (or the presenters choose not to bring it back). Being on the schedule for 10+ years is no guarantee you’ll make it this year too. In fact, it’s a sign that maybe a short vacation is in order even if your material is fresh this year.

I get that it really sucks for people who can only come because they use their presentation slots to make money and therefore can swing the con. I can only afford to come because I am on staff.

And for the someone who commented about how we decide what gets in without knowing the process at all? There were 4 people this year, including me, who looked at the presentations without knowing the names attached and scored each one on their own merits. That number was averaged and included in the decision making process with a second set of folks with the names attached. So.

Finally, a reminder that there are people on the other end of the programming process and taking pot shots at the conference organizers in your frustration is very human but maybe rein it in a little?

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