September, 2016

Got it on repeat?

Note: This is generalities, and like the English language, programming has more than its fair share of exceptions. In general, repeats of material for the PantheaCon schedule, especially in the 101 category are often accepted. If they get good feedback and great attendance we will accept repeats. Some items, like the longstanding Pomba ritual repeated for years but there were shifts in the ritual itself. In general an item can be accepted for a repeat for 3 years in a row then we ‘give it a break’ or ‘put it on vacation’ for a year or two then accept it […]

Want more stuff on the schedule

I told a friend of mine that I should post my rant to facebook, so herewith is that rant (take it with a glass of wine, a bit of cheese and cracker and the humor in which it is intended, please).: Where are my enby peeps at in the pcon submission pool? Ya’ll don’t have to do a ritual or an item about non-binary-ness but I’d love to see rituals and items that are INCLUSIVE of same (pretty please and it doesn’t have to be the enbys that do the heavy lifting, anyone can include the broader range). Where are […]