March, 2016

A Day in the Lifecycle (of Programming)

I posted to facebook a rather hurried blur of what my experience of con was like this year and I’ve always meant to post the full deal and haven’t. Below the cut is an example of how the year between cons goes for me.  I wish I’d had this template to work from when I started. Myself and my predecessors cobbled this together out of painful experience. This is a schedule that works really well for us and hits all of our internal deadlines. Your mileage may vary.

Feedback versus action steps

We name a problem AND our best idea for a solution to it. As someone who is reading through the feedback from con the first is always super helpful and the second rarely is. Instead, I suggest this – name the problem and if you are asked, then offer what you think the solution can be. I do it too when I’m not thinking all the way through stuff. It’s really easy to sit back and backseat drive/armchair quarterback.   When I was in the SCA I heard a very wise thing from a marshall (the safety monitor for fighters). […]