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Whether it’s the Mercury retrograde or the up/down of the weather, my insides have felt raw. I’m at a loss for words and a loss for actions, stuck between what has been and what could be.

This month, I’m creating a spell to remember the fullness of myself, no matter the shape of the moon or the size of my To Do list.

They say it’s a Pink Moon, though not in color.

Pink for flowers and blossoming and growth.

The full moon in Scorpio arrives on Sunday, April 29, and some say it will be a time of unburdening.

I welcome it.

The day before is a Beltane ritual with my local community, where we will weave together the many experiences and expressions of love, in service to ourselves, and being witnessed by each other — and Aphrodite.

Credit: Rennett Stowe from USA

I will call to the full moon with Aphrodite, being of love and beauty.

Born on the sea foam and ocean wave, I call to her to reveal the fullness of my being, of our beings. I call on her to remind us of our inherent wisdom and knowing, of the tides that flow in and out.

I will leave roses in water in the moonlight and bathe in her blessing.

I will sing her a song of remembering and calling back all of the parts that were scattered, confused, and lonely.

I will write myself a love letter, the kind that you don’t share with anyone else but the one you love deeply. I will remind myself that the heart might be the size of a fist, but my love can stretch beyond reason.

I will anoint myself with the knowing, the remembering of the fullness of self can be called back again.

I will remember my hunger is deep and my craving is sharp.

I will take it all in.

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I'm a Witch, a priestess, international teacher, often-vegan, invocateur, ritualist, drummer, writer, moon devotee, Sagittarius, and Reclaiming initiate. I am committed to facilitating community growth and connection through ritual creation, storytelling, moon magick, drumming, and embracing beauty in all of its forms. And I am delightfully devoted to Aphrodite, Hecate, Iris, and the Norns. You’ll often find me writing poetry, singing to the moon, crafting songs, and looking for a snack. Here, I'll be writing about the moon, ritual, rewriting personal and collective stories, and poetry. And letting inspiration take the lead.

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