moon tale

i want to tell you
of the golden moon
that hangs in the nearly blue sky
in the hours between
and return

between fires
and floods
and the unknown
so lost
in the upswell
and the downdraft
of not knowing

what to do

i have seen a child’s first days
and last days
i have held the last stitches
of my mother’s hands
i have opened my eyes to
the horror of it all
i have closed my eyes to
catch one glimpse

of how it used to be

i want to tell you
of the golden moon
the honey of her light
and the sweetness of her gaze

it’s so quiet
i can hear the light scraping against the stone
or is the stone pushing the light to the side
i don’t know anymore
i don’t know anymore

yet i stand here
and i lay in her light
and i cry in her movement
and i fall into pieces
because i can
because i can

because i still can

About the Author

I'm a Witch, a priestess, international teacher, often-vegan, invocateur, ritualist, drummer, writer, moon devotee, Sagittarius, and Reclaiming initiate. I am committed to facilitating community growth and connection through ritual creation, storytelling, moon magick, drumming, and embracing beauty in all of its forms. And I am delightfully devoted to Aphrodite, Hecate, Iris, and the Norns. You’ll often find me writing poetry, singing to the moon, crafting songs, and looking for a snack. Here, I'll be writing about the moon, ritual, rewriting personal and collective stories, and poetry. And letting inspiration take the lead.

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