Devotional Music

(The following is a repost from my now-defunct blog, “Pagan Mysticism”.) Devotional song is a common technique throughout religious history to express devotional love for God. Some of the Psalms are thought to go back over 3000 years. They are still sung daily in Christian monasteries. There are probably devotional songs or poems that go back even further than that from other religions. The Rig Veda is even older and it contains pieces that could be seen as devotional songs. I’d like to talk to you a bit about devotional music in world religion giving examples and then you can see […]

On Prayer

This next piece is going to be a long one and it’s going to be about an essential element of devotional worship: prayer.   Some Pagans might be uncomfortable with the idea of prayer. In our society, among fundamentalists, religion (and prayer) can often be used as a weapon which has been used to harm many people, including many Pagans.   But as a polytheist, I believe that the gods are real and are actual entities. As such, prayer is an essential way to establish a connection with these gods. This column is for people who believe in the gods […]

An Introduction

Welcome to Into The Mystic, a blog about Mystical Paganism and polytheism. My name is R.M. McGrath and I’ll be your guide.   The purpose of this blog is to explore mysticism and contemplative religion in a Pagan or polytheist context. In part, this will be done by looking at how mysticism exists in modern religions such as Hinduism and Christianity especially ‘traditional’ forms of Christianity such as Catholicism or Orthodoxy but sometimes non-traditional denominations, such as the Religious Society of Friends (or Quakers). Then, we can explore how it can be applied to a modern polytheistic spiritual practice.   […]