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  1. I certainly can’t fault social media or other Internet companies for expelling users like white supremacists, but I also have no enthusiasm to push them to do so. I don’t want private companies, governments, or any other adult to presume to decide for me what is fit to see or read.

    I have even less faith in corporate America to act as a guardian of public thought and virtue based on their track record. Acting with no accountability or transparency social media, web hosting and payment processing companies have jumped into the censorship game in big ways. Most of what they purport to “protect” us from has nothing to do with hate groups. They arbitrarily block access to legal but adult oriented material, anything they decide is too controversial and very often, anything LGBT and anything Pagan. Pagan online vendors are constantly losing item listings, their entire stores or access to payment services over nebulous bans on “occult” oriented material, which is only enforced against non-Christian sellers.

    Private companies have a right to host who they will, as the First Amendment is only binding on government prior restriction. But at the end of the day, I’d rather give my business to the company which doesn’t involve itself in content regulation. If it’s legal material, I want to be able to find it and know that I’m actually going to see the full span of reality-good, bad and ugly. Will such freedom also benefit hate groups? Yes. But heavy handed censorship plays much more to their advantage. Nothing is so romantic and exciting, particularly to the young, as “banned” ideas. I’d rather see white supremacists groups be able to air their ideas in full sunlight because their biggest weakness (apart from what’s between their ears), is…..their ideas. You prepare a kid or anyone else with some critical thinking skills and history, and there is no idea too dangerous for them to handle. In the full light of day, they will see these hate groups for what they are: dateless 30-year old high school washouts living in their mom’s basement wanking into a sock and playing Nazi.

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