Sexuality, Power, Victimhood

I’ve got a couple posts brewing.  One of them talks about using victimhood as a means to coerce people to do what you want.  Another is a practical guide for Pagan men, on how to behave at Pagan gatherings in a way that’s not creepy. I’m holding off publishing these for a while. It’s not that I don’t believe these things are incredibly important.  (They are.) Rather, for the first one (which I’m tentatively calling “weaponized victimhood,”) I do not in any way wish to detract from actual victims of sexual abuse who are coming forward with their stories.  Y’all […]

No one owns the word “witch.” (Or, how to engage more effectively with people you disagree with.)

The old argument over who gets to call themselves a witch reared it’s ugly head in a Facebook group the other day. I admit to being a little grumpy as the conversation went forward, because one guy decided to straw-man my position and told meI needed to be “re-educated,” all the while proclaiming loudly and prolifically – to everyone in the thread – that witches should not do public rituals because it makes everyone who identifies as a witch look bad. I’ve said before that no one owns the word “witch.”  Anyone can call themselves a witch, and your experience […]