Healing and Protection (and a bonus)

  Ever picked up a reference book on herbs or crystals?  Did you notice how many herbs and crystals are for healing and protection? Like, lots.  I mean, of all the challenges Pagans deal with, why the emphasis on healing and protection? Weird, isn’t it?  I think there’s something going on here. Do we need that much Healing and Protection? When I got the idea for this post, I was thinking “pshaw, look at all those Pagans who think a rock or a plant is going to help their issues.” But as I was thinking and planning this post, I […]

Compromise, or how to deal with not getting exactly what you want

  This post is about compromise.  Now, you might be thinking, “what does compromise have to do with being Pagan?” Quite a bit, actually – if you practice Paganism, you’re probably not going to get exactly what you want.  You can expect that, whether you’re joining a teaching group, or hanging out to socialize with other Pagans, you’ll probably have to let go of some of the things you hope to get. I mean, if you’re anything like me, you may discover that some deep part of your soul just sings when you do meditation.  But you happen to be […]

Armchair Paganism

First of all, if you’re a regular reader, let me apologize for the delay in posting. This was going to be an excellent long-form post about how to be an Ethical Warrior.  After two rewrites, one total revision, and one loss of nearly 8000 words, I’m wondering if the Spirits are trying to tell me something. So let’s instead talk about something just a little fluffier.  (Not bunnies.) What is armchair Paganism? As near as I can tell, armchair Paganism is named after “armchair occultism,” which is a pejorative term for a person who reads a lot of books on […]

Introduction to Pagan Ethics

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. First of all, thanks for dropping by!  If you have any questions or comments, you are enthusiastically welcome to leave a comment or send me a message! So – what are Pagan ethics?  Where do they come from?  How do we decide what’s ethical behavior for Pagans, and what isn’t? That’s a lot of questions.  I promise, I won’t try to answer them all in this post!  But just to set the scene, I want to touch on some of the basics that will guide this blog going forward. What brand of […]