July, 2017

No one owns the word “witch.” (Or, how to engage more effectively with people you disagree with.)

The old argument over who gets to call themselves a witch reared it’s ugly head in a Facebook group the other day. I admit to being a little grumpy as the conversation went forward, because one guy decided to straw-man my position and told meI needed to be “re-educated,” all the while proclaiming loudly and prolifically – to everyone in the thread – that witches should not do public rituals because it makes everyone who identifies as a witch look bad. I’ve said before that no one owns the word “witch.”  Anyone can call themselves a witch, and your experience […]

Compromise, or how to deal with not getting exactly what you want

  This post is about compromise.  Now, you might be thinking, “what does compromise have to do with being Pagan?” Quite a bit, actually – if you practice Paganism, you’re probably not going to get exactly what you want.  You can expect that, whether you’re joining a teaching group, or hanging out to socialize with other Pagans, you’ll probably have to let go of some of the things you hope to get. I mean, if you’re anything like me, you may discover that some deep part of your soul just sings when you do meditation.  But you happen to be […]