Sexuality, Power, Victimhood

I’ve got a couple posts brewing.  One of them talks about using victimhood as a means to coerce people to do what you want.  Another is a practical guide for Pagan men, on how to behave at Pagan gatherings in a way that’s not creepy. I’m holding off publishing these for a while. It’s not that I don’t believe these things are incredibly important.  (They are.) Rather, for the first one (which I’m tentatively calling “weaponized victimhood,”) I do not in any way wish to detract from actual victims of sexual abuse who are coming forward with their stories.  Y’all […]

Everyday Paganism – Elemental Water

I replaced the floor – linoleum, underlayment, and subfloor – in my bathroom last week.  Twice.  And I replaced the thrice-damned toilet that caused the problem.  Which is part of why I’ve been radio-silent for a bit.  (Shout out to my awesome wife for her support.  And her help with power tools.) As I was surveying the water damage (for the second time), I started thinking about Elemental Water in the context of how it damaged my house. I feel like there’s something here. Real water Real water is essential for life.  And not just in a stay-hydrated-while-you’re-working-out way, although […]

Toxic People in Paganism: The Hijacker

  I’ve dropped a few hints here and there about my experience with toxic Pagans.  I recently had a conversation with a good friend, and thought maybe I could share some traits and tactics for dealing with them. For this post, I thought it would be helpful to talk about people who hijack Pagan groups.  I drafted this post, then I found these excellent articles on Antagonists in Paganism.  I highly recommend taking a moment to read these.  This post is about my experience, what worked, and what didn’t work – and my hope is that it helps you avoid […]

Healing and Protection (and a bonus)

  Ever picked up a reference book on herbs or crystals?  Did you notice how many herbs and crystals are for healing and protection? Like, lots.  I mean, of all the challenges Pagans deal with, why the emphasis on healing and protection? Weird, isn’t it?  I think there’s something going on here. Do we need that much Healing and Protection? When I got the idea for this post, I was thinking “pshaw, look at all those Pagans who think a rock or a plant is going to help their issues.” But as I was thinking and planning this post, I […]

No one owns the word “witch.” (Or, how to engage more effectively with people you disagree with.)

The old argument over who gets to call themselves a witch reared it’s ugly head in a Facebook group the other day. I admit to being a little grumpy as the conversation went forward, because one guy decided to straw-man my position and told meI needed to be “re-educated,” all the while proclaiming loudly and prolifically – to everyone in the thread – that witches should not do public rituals because it makes everyone who identifies as a witch look bad. I’ve said before that no one owns the word “witch.”  Anyone can call themselves a witch, and your experience […]

Compromise, or how to deal with not getting exactly what you want

  This post is about compromise.  Now, you might be thinking, “what does compromise have to do with being Pagan?” Quite a bit, actually – if you practice Paganism, you’re probably not going to get exactly what you want.  You can expect that, whether you’re joining a teaching group, or hanging out to socialize with other Pagans, you’ll probably have to let go of some of the things you hope to get. I mean, if you’re anything like me, you may discover that some deep part of your soul just sings when you do meditation.  But you happen to be […]

Metaphysical Shops, Payment Cards, Authenticity, and Fraud

This post is inspired by this article. For a little background, there’s a growing trend in companies that offer e-commerce or payment processing, in which Pagans are forbidden from selling spiritual supplies.  (For example – in this story, Square terminated their agreement with an occult shop owner.  Etsy is also famous for delisting occult products.)  Predictably, many Pagans are bent out of shape over this – they feel that it’s discrimination, because Christians are able to sell spiritual supplies. On the other hand, in the article above: A representative from Square told me that the company prohibits “occult” items because […]

Paganism and Handmaids

This post is inspired by a post on Patheos by Matthew Currie, called “Is The Handmaid’s Tale Anti-Christian?” I apologize in advance if this comes across like a literary analysis.  I love doing them, and The Handmaid’s Tale offers a rich commentary on society, so please bear with me. A little about The Handmaid’s Tale If you haven’t watched the show (which is what I’ll be referring to), or read the book (which I haven’t, but I imagine the themes are similar), then please go do so.  Or at least familiarize yourself with the narrative. Margaret Atwood is a master […]

Armchair Paganism

First of all, if you’re a regular reader, let me apologize for the delay in posting. This was going to be an excellent long-form post about how to be an Ethical Warrior.  After two rewrites, one total revision, and one loss of nearly 8000 words, I’m wondering if the Spirits are trying to tell me something. So let’s instead talk about something just a little fluffier.  (Not bunnies.) What is armchair Paganism? As near as I can tell, armchair Paganism is named after “armchair occultism,” which is a pejorative term for a person who reads a lot of books on […]