Chronic Pain and Devotion

How can we honor our gods and our spirituality when we can barely get out of bed? When chronic pain and illness affect your religion. Today’s a little worse than normal. On top of the usual pains that comprise my existence, I woke up with searing, stabbing nerve pain in my low back and hip. The kind where clothing hurts. The kind where it feels like you’re being slowly stabbed with hot nails. And still, the other pains do not subside – arthritic and damaged low back, hands swollen and aching from making last night’s dinner, the ever-present headache that […]

Right Enough

I’ve been waiting. Waiting for the perfect inspiration. The perfect subject. The perfect muse’s whisper in my ear. To make sure that my first venture into writing on a “big blog” was perfect. That it showed the best me I could show. So people would like my writing, be interested, look for more. You only have one chance to make a first impression, I thought. I’ve been waiting. For months. Each day, hoping something would spark, the words would come to me, I’d be able to create magic again. … I’m tired. Tired of not being perfect. Tired of not […]