June is Pagan Values Month!


It’s the 9th Annual Pagan Values month. While most Pagan writers, bloggers, etc. write about Pagan Values on a daily basis, we invite you to go a little deeper on topics dear to your heart. How do you express your values in your daily life? How do you practice your Pagan values in the workplace? What personal ethical conundrums have you faced in the past year, and how did your values factor into how you handled them? Because so much of the current Pagan dialectic is world facing, we’re asking you if you can to take some time out to write something a little more personal, a little more vulnerable.

If you wish to participate, please submit your link to comments at this post at the Pagan Values Project. While depending on volume we may not be able to review them all, we will do our best to create follow up posts of great discussions on new or neglected territory in overarching Pagan living and practice. We also encourage you to join the Pagan Values Facebook Group, which operates on the principle: “Be excellent to each other.”

Some topic ideas might include: what ethical or Pagan leadership conundrums have you dealt with this year? How have you handled a moral/religious conflict between yourself and a family member? What are beliefs that you have set aside?

If you would like to participate via Twitter or Facebook, please use public posts (so we can see it!) and use any or all of the following hashtags:
#paganvaluesmonth #2017pv #2017paganvaluesmonth


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Diana Rajchel lives at the western edge of San Francisco, where sea creatures and hippies meet, breed, and glower at gentrification. From this liminal place she runs the Emperor Norton Pagan Social, writes about magic, herbs, and human quirks, and looks to both sidewalk and sky for wisdom. She is the author of Divorcing a Real Witch, the Mabon and Samhain installments of the Llewellyn Sabbat essentials series, and a title on Urban Magic to be released by Llewellyn in 2018.

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