On Pagan Writing Styles

Why does most of my writing take the format of directions or how-to guides? My teacher once said that everyone experiences ritual differently. I’ve also seen this idea brought up in several books and essays. Everyone in a ritual can have wildly different relationships with an understandings of deity and energy. A good ritual, in my experience, gives people an opportunity to make their own meaning. Writing almost exclusively in how-to’s lets each person bring their own interpretation to the main ideas I want to present. Someone who believes deities are archetypes should have just as much access as someone […]

A MidSpring Ritual

Midspring is a month away, and planning teams are starting to get to work, so in hopes of reaching the ears of said teams, I would like to propose a differently structured ritual, a Wicca that is inclusive of trans people, same-sex relationships, and asexuals.  The upcoming sabbat, often called Beltane, is usually modeled after rituals where farmers would wish for the success of their crops. The actual historical truth of these events are less important than the myths that have been perpetuated of farmers engaging in real or symbolic cis-hetero sex to bless that years crops. The main thrust […]

The Godden

In Wicca, we generally recognize two deities: the Goddess and the God. According to legend, they have been with us since pre-history, changing names and faces slightly to stay with us through the years. The truth of the matter is far more complicated, but let us work with the legend for now. Here is my legend: That the duo is really a trinity. That there has been a third deity erased from history, the Godden. That xe has been Loki, Agdistis, Aphroditus, Amun, Dionysus, Baphomet, and others. If the Goddess is the moon and the God is the sun; xe […]