Contributing to the Pagan Bloggers Network



If you’re on this page you probably want to know about writing here so:

1. We want you to commit to at least one original piece a month for a year.  The piece should be at least 800 words long.

2. You decide your own posting schedule but we do want a piece at least every thirty days.

3. We do allow re-prints and re-posts of works from other sites but they don’t count for your one required piece.

4. You retain all print rights to your work, worldwide.

5. We retain the right do excerpts of your works with link to the full work on paganbloggers to promote them on the front page and in the newsletter.

4. If you don’t post for three months we have the option to remove you from promotion/sidebar.

5. Your content will stay online and a part of for five years from date of publication.

6. We do ask that new pieces posted here are exclusive to this site in full for one month, after that you are welcome to post anywhere you like.

7. No hate speech. No discriminatory speech.  If a piece is found to have that in it, it will be pulled and you’ll be notified as to why.

8. You are 100% responsible for your own content and posting it to the site. It’s your content. You will not be locked out of your blog unless you’ve been inactive over a year and even then if you ask we’ll reset your password to let you back in.

9. We will not edit your pieces without your express permission in advance.

If you’d like to see a copy of the contract in advance please email and we’ll send you one.  A contract will be sent to you if you’ve been accepted to the site. You will need to sign/accept it before getting your login credentials.


We are also interested in folks who make music, do podcasts, make art, or do photography. The Pagan experience is more than just words. If you are interested in having a home on the site please fill out the form below (it can take a bit for us to respond but we will get back to you):

and let’s talk!