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Chaos Paganism, Politics, and the Privilege of Not Being Involved

Here we go. Religion and Politics Is religion inherently political? This is a question that’s been thrown around in the Pagan blogosphere before and will probably continue to be relevant for a while. For me, it’s a personal question one should answer for themselves. Personally, I can’t see how Chaos Paganism, the path I’m building for myself, could not be political. One of the major tenets of my Paganism is that human beings have a right to be who we are and behave how we like so long as we’re not maliciously harming anyone else without just cause; this means […]

To Build Sacred Space or Not to Build Sacred Space?

In Wicca, many Wicca-inspired Pagan religions, and in other Pagan religions, there is the concept of “sacred space” and the creation of it. I’m going to assume for purposes of brevity that everyone reading this post knows what sacred space is and is meant to accomplish. Good, now we can get right into the discussion. Not every Pagan religion sees building sacred space as a necessity. My experience with Ár nDraíocht Féin–otherwise known as A Druid Fellowship, or simply ADF–has shown me this. ADF has no place set aside in their rituals for the building sacred space. Their reasoning is […]

What is Chaos Paganism? An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my first post on! I’m really excited to be here, and I hope you’re all excited. I’m Celestine Nox, and I decided to use my blog here to discuss what I call Chaos Paganism. My first post will cover the basics: what is it, what it is not, and what I hope it will be in the future. There will be posts on other topics, but the majority of posts will be about Chaos Paganism. What it is: Chaos Paganism is what I currently call my personal Pagan path. It’s still growing and changing, and […]