The Calendar Chaotica: A More In-Depth Look

I thought it would be useful to have an actual simple list/table/chart/something of the Holy Days and Seasons of the Calendar Chaotica. So here’s one:

Holy Days:
New Year.


New Year – Inspire: Season of Sparks.
Inspire – Narcissus: Season of Creation.
Narcissus – Rapport: Season of Foundation.
Rapport – Samhain: Season of Activist.
Samhain – Yule: Season of Contemplation.
Yule – New Year: Promise.

What the Holy Days and Seasons Mean:

New Year: I am a modern Pagan in the Western world. As much as I’ve tried, I’ve never been able to make Samhain “New Year” in my head or heart. New Year’s Day, January 1st, will always be the first day of the new year to me. New Year is a day for welcoming all the new things we wish to cultivate in the year to come, for planning our year in ideas for projects or growth, for ritualistically opening ourselves to new possibilities and opportunities.

Season of Sparks: The Calendar Chaotica is about living a Pagan life every day, not just on holy days. Therefore, the seasons are about extending the spirit of the holy days throughout the year. The Season of Sparks between New Year and Inspire is about taking the newness of New Year and cultivating it every day. Take the ideas from New Year and meditate on them, plant them, grow them into the projects you will begin on Inspire.

Inspire: Inspire is about the fertility of the creative mind and heart. It’s about learning your own special brand of creativity, or working to deepen and hone it. Take the seeds planted throughout the Season of Sparks and tell them it’s time to begin.

Season of Creation: Work! Spin, whirl, dance, sing, draw, write, inspire others, create altars, sculpt, form rituals, mediate, commune with the divine. Whatever your special brand of creativity is, revel in it! Wrap yourself in it like a blanket and make it your home. Work on those projects, as many as you can feasibly and healthily work on at one time. Feel the energy of creation run through you.

Narcissus: Time to take a break from the whirlwind of your mind and heart. Set the projects aside–for now. Take time to breathe. Take time to sit and be, to listen not to the outside world but to the whispers of your most inner Self. Ritualize a bath, a shower, a spa treatment, whatever you need to relax and slow down turn it into a ritual to cleanse yourself of excess energies and burdens. Take the time to love yourself. Self-care is important, and should be sacred. At the end of the day, take one project you’ve worked on since Inspire and bring it to the forefront. You don’t have to abandon the others, but make this one your priority; whatever it is, it should be the one closest to your heart.

Season of Foundation: What supports you? What forms the base of your foundation? Do you have one? If you don’t, now is the time to consider what would be the ingredients to building one; these ingredients will be different for everyone. For some it will be family, for some friends, for some a strong religious community, for others it will be more solitary pursuits. Whatever it is, the Season of Foundation is the time to figure it out, and once you’ve done so, to work on strengthening the foundation of your Self and your life so you know that no matter what else happens, you have somewhere to fall.

Rapport: Having cared for yourself, now it’s time to care for others. Today, ritualize volunteer-work in your community, whatever that community may be–and only you get to define what your community is and who makes up your community. This is not to say that Rapport is the only day you should volunteer, but today be especially mindful of the connection we have to others and the reasons we offer our energy to help.

Season of Activist: This season, look at the causes that matter to you. Choose one or two every year on which to focus, or find ways of doing a little here and there for all of them. Never burn yourself out or stretch yourself too thin, but during Activist do not turn away, either, unless turning away becomes absolutely vital to your health. This is the time to remember there are people who cannot turn away because violence and oppression are part of their lives brought on by characteristics they cannot help. People of Color, the LGBT+ community, the disabled, and more. Work your magic in the world for others during this season.

Samhain: Here we begin the only two holy days taken from the traditional Wheel of the Year. As we turn toward the time of the year in shadows we begin to think of death and all it means for us. For Chaos Paganism, Samhain is less about being the “new year,” as we recognize New Year’s Day as the beginning of the new year. This is the time for the following: acknowledgment and maintenance of the thinned Veil, communion with the Ancestors and Mighty Dead, communion with deities associated with death and even the archetypal representation of Death. Our Samhain is about a deep reverence and respect for Death and learning how to welcome it into our lives as a friend that will one day be our Final Friend.

Season of Contemplation: More traditionally, the Season of Contemplation is about turning inward and seeking out our deepest inner voice. This is the time for Shadow Work, for rooting out the unhelpful habits and thought processes to become a psychologically and emotionally healthier version of yourself.

Yule: For the last of the Calendar Chaotica holy days and second of the traditional holidays, Yule is the time to come out of deep contemplation and reconnect with those closest to you. A festival of light, Yule is the time to celebrate the light in your own life, from where ever it comes. Family, friends, pets, deities, spirits… whoever or whatever makes your life brighter and better, connect with them now. Cuddle in together to give warmth and comfort and an assurance that someone is always there. Do this in person, over the phone, over the Internet. By whatever means are available to you.

Promise: This is technically a season, but it’s really short, existing in the ten days between Yule and New Year. Promise is the time for cleansing, for washing away the old year and leaving yourself open for what’s to come in the new. This is a time to just… breathe and be.

I hope this has given everyone a better idea of what the holy days of Chaos Paganism are about. I have a lot on my plate currently with moving and starting grad school; I suspect it may be next year before I’m really able to explore these holy days for myself and figure out the actual schedule of dates. I’m contemplating the idea of settling on a week for each day that doesn’t come with a built-in date (New Year, Samhain, Yule) and saying celebration of that holy day can happen any time within that week. We’ll see.

Until next time, lovelies.


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Celestine Nox is a Pagan in the Southern U.S. about to escape to Massachusetts. Perpetual wanderer and seeker, she's terrible at structure and ritual but desires both greatly. Working on creating a structure that works for her and maybe some others is the majority of her current work as a Pagan. Mystic and pragmatist, magician and scientist, Celestine is a bundle of contradictions--unless she's not and it all makes sense after all. She has a B.A. in English and a B.Sc in Psychology and is currently pursuing a M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, as well as a deeper relationship with various aspects of Death.

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