July, 2017

The Calendar Chaotica: A More In-Depth Look

I thought it would be useful to have an actual simple list/table/chart/something of the Holy Days and Seasons of the Calendar Chaotica. So here’s one: Holy Days: New Year. Inspire. Narcissus. Rapport. Samhain. Yule. Seasons: New Year – Inspire: Season of Sparks. Inspire – Narcissus: Season of Creation. Narcissus – Rapport: Season of Foundation. Rapport – Samhain: Season of Activist. Samhain – Yule: Season of Contemplation. Yule – New Year: Promise. What the Holy Days and Seasons Mean: New Year: I am a modern Pagan in the Western world. As much as I’ve tried, I’ve never been able to make […]