What is Chaos Paganism? An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my first post on Paganbloggers.com! I’m really excited to be here, and I hope you’re all excited.

I’m Celestine Nox, and I decided to use my blog here to discuss what I call Chaos Paganism. My first post will cover the basics: what is it, what it is not, and what I hope it will be in the future. There will be posts on other topics, but the majority of posts will be about Chaos Paganism.

What it is:

Chaos Paganism is what I currently call my personal Pagan path. It’s still growing and changing, and likely always will in some manner or other.

It came to be for two simple reasons. The first is that I have never been able to find an established path that fit my needs, even after over a decade of searching. Each established path had at least one major aspect that I either could not agree with, or could not make part of my life. The second reason is that I have health issues making me unable to practice a Nature-centric Paganism, no matter how much I would like to be able to do so. I’m allergic to the vast majority of Nature. I respect it, and revere it, but by necessity must do so from afar.

In light of these two reasons, it seemed simple enough to decide to create a personal practice that fits my particular needs and requirements. I must also admit to a third reason, which is that much of the harvest-cycle focus of the Wheel of the Year does not resonate with me as a modern Pagan living in a modern world. I wanted to seek other holy themes and explore them, and I’ve done so in posts you’ll all be able to read later.

So, this is Chaos Paganism: a personal practice for modern Pagans based on Deity-centric worship, mysticism, magic, and with a structure inspired by personal gnosis and constructed from experimentation and practice.

What it isn’t:

Chaos Paganism is not chaos magic, or Chaos Witchcraft. I called it Chaos Paganism because I do like the concepts behind chaos magic, namely that there do not need to be a complex series of rules and associations assigned by others, that the Witch or Magician can experiment and through an empirical process much like the scientific method find what works and does not work for them. This was important to me because I often find myself feeling cold or indifferent to the traditional correspondences, and unable to connect with many established ritual forms. So, I thought it appropriate to seek out inspiration and then test what comes to see if it will actually work.

As of yet, Chaos Paganism isn’t a working path–mostly, it’s a series of suggestions, of hypotheses. It is personal gnosis and perhaps a little bit of drama and showmanship. I am a fan of a bit of theatricality.

What it will be (or what I hope it will be):

I hope one day to have put together something I can share with others. I hope this will be a path others feel comfortable following, where the structure is present but as minimal as possible and the bulk of the practice can be customized for your needs. As Burger King might say: your gods, your way. Yet, I also want it to be something groups can practice together–basically, I want to create something that can be appropriate for solitaries and for groups. Mostly, I don’t want anyone to ever feel put off by this path–if something else calls to them more, great! But if, like me, nothing else particularly calls to someone, I want to have a place that might be a home for them where they can do what they need in a community of like-minded seekers.

Maybe this will never happen. Maybe Chaos Paganism will never be appropriate for anyone other than myself. If that’s what happens that’s fine. In some ways, I feel kind of weird saying I want to share it, yet I know there are others who feel the same way I do, so I want to at least make my own discoveries and thoughts available.

This blog will be for exploration. Nothing here is set in stone, nothing here is a final product. This is a way for you to come on the journey with me.

My first few posts will be some reprints of posts from Finding the Path that are relevant to the topic. As the blog rolls along, I’ll start posting new material with new insights from my thoughts, meditations, and ritual experiments. I’ll post more in-depth information about the Calendar Chaotica, and the alternate ritual form I have created, but only after I have a chance to try it for myself and see if it works.

I’m very excited about what’s to come in the future. Ready to take this journey with me? Let’s go.

About the Author

Celestine Nox is a Pagan in the Southern U.S. about to escape to Massachusetts. Perpetual wanderer and seeker, she's terrible at structure and ritual but desires both greatly. Working on creating a structure that works for her and maybe some others is the majority of her current work as a Pagan. Mystic and pragmatist, magician and scientist, Celestine is a bundle of contradictions--unless she's not and it all makes sense after all. She has a B.A. in English and a B.Sc in Psychology and is currently pursuing a M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, as well as a deeper relationship with various aspects of Death.

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